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About Us

5 Star Backflow Services is a family owned and operated small business that offers backflow testing services in Western Washington. Josh and Leslie VanQuaethem are the owners. Prior to starting 5 Star Backflow Services, Josh worked several years for the City of Redmond Water Department. During that time, he became interested in safe drinking water practices, in-particular cross-connection control and the testing / repairing of backflow assemblies.


Josh is a licensed backflow assembly tester, has his specialty plumbers license, and has previously held certificates in water distribution management and cross-connection control. Josh is a graduate from the University of Washington. Leslie assists with scheduling and sending your test results to the various cities and water districts. She is a graduate from Western Washington University.  Cami VanQuaethem is in a 16 year backflow apprenticeship program and will make a great tester some day!


First of all. I didn't even know what backflow testing was until I was notified that my business had to have it performed yearly. We had never had it done and I was worried we might have a problem. 5 Star was recommended to me by a friend who had used their services before. The owner responded to me very quickly and provided testing within days of being contacted. He educated me on what backflow testing was and why it is necessary. He assured me that things were in good shape at my business and agreed to return on a yearly basis. He was highly professional and his fee was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of backflow testing in the Puget Sound area.

Amy W. – Seattle, WA

Never had to have my backflow tested before. Received my notice in the mail. Called Josh first and he was out within two days. Easy to work with. Would recommend to any friends or neighbors.

Aaron L. – Sammamish, WA

Josh VanQuaethem, of 5 Star Backflow, gets 5 stars from me. He persevered through some difficult backflow assembly installation conditions, including a very steep grade and poorly aligned pipes. Even though the installation was more complex and much longer than estimated, he did what I think is a superior job, and he stuck to his original quote. Thank you, Josh, put me on your calendar for regular testing in early May.

Scott B. – Kirkland, WA

This business is very good in service. I contact them by YELP, and they answer me right away, they show up on time and know what they doing. The important thing is "the price is right." I will call them next time and the next time when I need their service. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Quoc D. – Federal Way, WA

I rarely review any company unless I've received extraordinary service, which is the case with Josh and 5 Star Backflow. I used Josh to diagnose and repair a broken water line running to our house. Josh took great pride in his craft, showed up on time, worked hard and made sure the job was done right. I highly recommend 5 Star Backflow. Josh is a true example of professionalism and was really a pleasure to work with. Thanks for exceeding my expectations!

Isaac C. – Bothell, WA

Never know the backflow got to be tested every year until I got a notice from the city. Contacted Josh on 23rd and on the 26th, just the day after Christmas, he got it done, and had the report sent back to the city right away. Very professional!! Definitely will recommend him to my friends.

Hwang T. – Mercer Island, WA



In supplying a community with water, it is intended that water go from the water main through the service line/meter and into the building. When a backflow incident occurs such as back siphonage and or back pressure, the flow of water goes in the reverse direction of flow from the building through the service line/meter and into the water main. If water from an irrigation system, fire sprinkler system, boiler etc is introduced to the main water supply system via backflow, wide spread illness can occur in the community.

How Do We Prevent Backflow?

Backflow assemblies are used in preventing backflow from occurring. These assemblies have check valves designed to close, and in some cases, open in order to prevent water from going in the reverse direction of flow. These assemblies have been used for years to prevent backflow and are very important in protecting our water system. However, they are not infallible and must be tested at least once a year in order to verify they are in proper working condition. It has been said that 1 in 10 backflow assemblies will fail while being tested.