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About Us

5 Star Backflow Services is a family owned and operated small business that offers backflow testing services in Western Washington. Josh and Leslie VanQuaethem are the owners. Prior to starting 5 Star Backflow Services, Josh worked several years for the City of Redmond Water Department. During that time, he became interested in safe drinking water practices, in-particular cross-connection control and the testing / repairing of backflow assemblies. 

Josh is a licensed backflow assembly tester, has his specialty plumbers license, and has previously held certificates in water distribution management and cross-connection control. Josh is a graduate from the University of Washington. Leslie assists with scheduling and sending your test results to the various cities and water districts. She is a graduate from Western Washington University.  Cami VanQuaethem is in a 16 year backflow apprenticeship program and will make a great tester some day!


If you received a notification letter asking you to get your backflow(s) tested, this letter will be from your water purveyor. Each water purveyor in Washington State is required to have a cross-connection control program that enforces the installation and annual testing of backflow assemblies. This is to protect public health by preventing contaminants such as disease-causing microbes (e.g., E. Coli, Giardia, and viruses) and chemicals (e.g., pesticides) from entering the main water supply (drinking water).


We are licensed, insured, & bonded with over 14 years of experience with water maintenance and backflow testing. When you use 5 Star Backflow Services, you will be treated as a valued customer. Communication will be responded to with promptness and test reports will be delivered to your water purveyor in most cases same day as service but never any later than the next business day. Your property will look the same when we leave as when we arrived, and you can rest assure that you are being offered competitive rates. Our goal is to always provide 5 star service!